May 17, 2016

Sand Dollar Pendants and Wire Kumihimo

I’m getting ready for the annual Blitz season of Shows, supplying shops and Galleries which has begun a month earlier than previous years. I make my usual products of Beaded Dragonflies, Sea Glass Jewelry, Enamel painted metal pendants, Polymer pendants which include Sand Dollars which do enormously well living near the Ocean. Also Sea Urchin beads and Starfish or Sea Stars as my husband insists on calling them and he would be correct as they are not a type of fish, but most people tend to call them Starfish. DSC00032DSC00033

I’ve created a myriad of things including my Euro style Beads with our townname on them, but still need to make Beach pebbles bracelets, assemble my handmade pendants into earrings, crochet a few sea glass bracelets and then tag and price them. Time flies!!

Here is my most recent set…my first attempt at Wire Kumihimo. I think it turned out well although for the necklace inserting the beads was a bit of a challenge as the wire cage wanted to pull in on itself. Now everything is strong and stable.

wire cage necklace set

Should I do another set? Perhaps a necklace for this bracelet and earrings?

Tina Holden Wire Kumihimo silver sand

And I still need to assemble these…


So much to do…and loving it!!


P Beatty said...

Wow! Gorgeous!

Lupe Meter said...

These are awesome, Tina!

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