Oct 17, 2013

Time to let go and on to bigger things

Summer means a lot of production work, namely small pieces and quick sellers. It also happens I get asked for something more substantial but I don’t have a lot of time to spare during the busy season as beadembroidery takes several hours if not days, so I set aside Fall and Winter to work on that. I also intend to blog a bit more often.

The big destash. Time to let go of a few things, mainly my handmade components as I can’t use them all. I’ve already sold quite a few as I’m listing these at insanely low prices, $15 for a pack which means individual pieces are going for less than a Dollar and some for just cents. Normally I sell these between $5 and $15 a piece each. Why am I selling them and why for so little? Because I don’t have enough time to use them all, plus I continually make more than I can use. I also collect them with the intent to list and sell, but end up not having the time, and the box full grew and grew, so it’s time to start fresh. I kept a few pieces to create into beadembroidery (shown below) and the rest are now in my shop. If you enjoy beading you will enjoy these. What do they look like? Here are a few examples, but have a look in my Zibbet as there are close ups photos and better descriptions.

Mix 28Purples44 piecesmix 27

I’m planning 3 beadembroidered neck collars with matching earrings, maybe bracelets as well. I have sorted colours of beads to compliment the polymer clay cabochons. I’m not quite sure if I should add the amber glass to this Hawaiian Hibiscus? My husband thinks yes, what do you think?


Then there is the Fuschia and Orange, and Turquoise with Green.


I still need to destash other things, including molds, textures etc, but this will have to wait as I’m going on the road until end of November. I’ll take this netbook (and bead collars) with me, so I can blog and still send my PDF tutorials and show you some progress.


Vanessa said...

I think the first bead collar needs the amber for some contrast :)

basm10178 said...

Oh yes, the amber is a good idea.

Wendy said...

those necklaces are going to be spectacular

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