Aug 1, 2013

Reflections and Eyeglass holders

Now what may those two things have in common? Not much other than Reflections can be something one sees when looking in a mirror or when remembering the past. For me it’s the latter because today I received an email from my father who lives in Germany. We haven’t seen one another in many years and he told me he had been looking at some photos of when I had visited him in Germany in late1989, including this one, of when I first started to work with Fimo! Gosh…that is almost 24 years ago!! Perms…never again, lol. You might recognize some of the metal pulvers on the desk and the paper in the basket at my feet is a good indicator of the year. What was I working on…brooches. I’ll have to find that booklet I was using…or maybe create some of those pins again.


Nice to think back to some good ol’ days.

So what was I working on over the last couple of days? Brooches…but of a different sort. I was asked by a local Gallery to make some eyeglass holders. Normally one would think of those long leashes worn as a necklace with the little rubber gasket type of ends. I made a few beaded ones, but then wanted to make some with polymer clay and came up with these since the Gallery likes my Ocean Themes. Sand dollars which can be worn either as a brooch or pin, but also as a necklace as the brooch findings have a loop for cord.



Now that I made these I have even more ideas…back to the work table…


Vanessa said...

Love the picture of you Tina from just a few years ago! Theveyebglassholders look like a beautiful accessory.

Dial A Bank said...

This is my 3-4 visit on your blog .i love your Polymer clay products and their designs.

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