Apr 18, 2013

Spring and Summer Flower Pendants

Here we are past the mid April mark and I just heard it’s snowing in some parts of the Country. Here on the West Coast the Crocuses (also correct is Croci) are blooming and daffodils and tulips are also sprouting, although they seem a little late this year.

How about making your own colorful Flowers then? I’ve finally published my Flower Tutorial to both Etsy and ArtFire. The nice thing about Etsy, I’m participating in a Beta version of Instant Downloads. It’s not official yet, but I really like the convenience of not having to be on the computer all day long and hopefully my customers will appreciate being able to download the file/s right away.

Flower and Wire tutorial

Isn’t this yellow one cute? I think we’re all ready for some color after a drab grey winter

Flower and Wire tutorial-001

If you don’t want to make your own petals, this tutorial also works for glass or shell beads like these pendants which I offer for sale as well

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