Mar 2, 2013

Sea or Beach Glass from Polymer Clay

Many of you have asked me last year when I’d be writing this tutorial on faux sea glass. You waited patiently and things tend to take me forever from concept to doing and I’m happy to say that I should have this ready within the next day or two!! I’ll try and do it sooner, lol.  I thought I’d announce it now since I’m not just thinking about it, but actually doing it.

Update: it's on my Etsy and ArtFire now...

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You may remember the earrings I had made with this technique and the post of some of my experiments back in February of last year and here as well. The teardrops on the earrings are faux glass as well. Polymer Clay Daily had posted about my experiments also, which is why I received quite a few emails afterward asking, but I can’t find the post there now. Anyway, this is a shard like I will show to do in various colors.
The tutorial will focus on making faux beach glass shards that one can use in jewelry such as my earrings. I’ll be posting here to update when it’s ready…stay tuned Smile


Anonymous said...

I am Sooooo looking forward to this!

jelly andrews said...

I hope the updates will be soon enough. I am quite excited about it because I have seen how great your works are. Thanks anyway for sharing this one.

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