Oct 9, 2012

Polymer Clay Logo or Initial Canes

In my earlier days with polymer clay I enjoyed creating canes and making beads, but quickly moved on to other things. Now it was time for another signature cane, something with my initials or a logo that I could attach to some of my creations. It’s been a while since doing this and I don’t mind that a lot of things left here without my ‘stamp’ on it, but for some one of a kind things, maybe a piece of cane added means a little more than just a rubberstamped signature pressed into the clay? What do you think? Maybe on some pieces it’s too obvious or out of place? I dunno! I guess I ‘want’ to add a little bit of a different signature. Instead of my old TH cane with the letters side by side, I sketched out a few designs. The one I like best would be a maple leaf added to my initials but for this batch just the letters because they are too skinny and will virtually disappear when the cane is reduced.


For this overview I used two Makins Extruders, one for white and one for black, a grid, tissue blade, pasta machine. I sketched out a design, conditioned and rolled some clay, used the grid to cut and fit pieces, then placed or stacked them onto my sketched design. Well, here is a quick pictorial.

1-DSC00525 12-DSC00509
11-DSC00510 1-DSC00512
08-DSC00513 06-DSC00517
05-DSC00518 03-DSC00520
02-DSC00521 1-DSC00525

That’s it. I will make a maple leaf cane, but will thicken the initials and leave off the black circled rim around them, something like that. Do you create a signature for your pieces? Do you prefer a caned design or using a stamp?


Christina said...

I prefer a stamp. I dont do well on canes that are to intricate! LOL

JuLee said...

It's so cool that you have initials that incorporate well into a design. Mine don't. I love to have a signature cane but alast, my caning is for the birds.

KatersAcres said...

Very nice cane! I have yet to make a cane for my signature. I use a custom stamp. But my initials could easily be made into a cane. I'll have to consider this!

Carrie said...

I have a stamp which I forget to use, I tried a cane - yuk! Perhaps I'll try again with the extruder - though my initials won't work as well as yours! Nice demo, though - thank you! (And great blog too, of course :-) )

Beadcomber said...

Thanks :)).
Well, initials with a curvature like a C are still achievable nicely...take a _ and then curve or shape into a C and fill the inner part of the C with another color...
True signatures are much harder to do...mine isn't even recognizable as my name, lol, so I opt for more cursive type.

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