May 22, 2012

Summer 2012 Pantone Color Bead Swap

Lori Anderson of Bead Soup Cafe on Facebook hosted another Swap for us, this time a Pantone Color Bead Swap, the theme being Fashion colors for Spring and Summer.
The rules are to send beads in the 10 colors (all of the colors, or just a few, doesn't matter.)
There is NO blog hop for this swap.
There is NO requirement to make anything.
Strictly a bead swap
My partner Toltec Jewels and I agreed to swap all of the colors. I think it’s exciting to swap from the Pacific North Western Coast of Canada to the Eastern Southern Coast of Florida! Here is what I’m sending. I had trouble with a couple of colors, but tried my best. Hope she’ll be pleased with my selection of gemstone, glass and handcrafted polymer clay.
Tangerine Tango
(carnelian, glass, faux amber, amber, handmade polymer clay cabochon)
Recently Updated3
Solar Power
(citrine, horn, aragonite, handmade resin cabochons, polymer clay sand dollar)
Recently Updated13
(handmade polymer clay lentil beads, glass)
Recently Updated11
(polymer clay lentil and thunderbird pendants, mother of pearl, glass, miracle beads)
Recently Updated10
Sodalite Blue
(handmade faux lapis Lazuli polymer clay, Sodalite, lampwork and glass)
Recently Updated7
(polymer clay flower, lentil and bead, abalone, miracle beads)
Recently Updated8
Sweet Lilac
(handmade polymer clay sand dollar and heart, amethyst, mother of pearl, miracle beads)
Recently Updated5
(handmade polymer clay focals and flowers, mother of pearl, glass)
Recently Updated12
(Polymer clay sea urchin and beads, glass, mother of pearl, dragon scale agate, hematite)
Recently Updated9
(handmade polymer clay focal, black-lip shell, glass, labradorite)
Recently Updated6
Pretty neat selection, don’t you think? The last swap for the season I’m participating will take place next month. It will have a Bead Blog hop involved and participants will have to create something with the beads. Fun, fun, fun. And speaking of fun, I’m currently working on another tutorial (or two…)


Vanessa said...

Ohh great collection of beads! What a lucky swap partner you have to get all those pretty beads!

Gera Scott Chandler said...

What a feast for the eyes!!!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

TIna these are all totally amazing! I mean STUNNING! I love the last three the best...Driftwood is one of my favorite all time favorite colors!!! :D

LoriF said...

Wow, this looks great, Tina! I have sent my beads to my partner in Italy (so cool to be able to do that!) but both of our sets are still enroute. I had great fun shopping for her. Just the way you've done your colors on your blog is so cool!

Unknown said...

Wonderful selection of colors! I've sent my beads but they are still on the way ... and I'm been waiting for mine... I' so corious....
This swap is so funny!
Lovely I'm following you!

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...


I'm so blown away and thrilled with the beautiful bead mixes you created! They are all lovely, and I cherish your art, Tina.

Swapping from one paradise to another was big fun, and swapping beads mixes of every Pantone Summer color was even BIGGER fun! I'm completely honored and delighted to swap beads with you. Gracias my new friend!

I've posted pics of the bead mixes I made for you on my blog:) Hope you like!

Big Hugs,

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