Feb 9, 2012

52 pairs of Earrings #5 and #6 and Macro Photography

I promised to talk more about the Lens attachment I got for my P&S (Point and Shoot) Camera and will do so, but first want to show you my latest earrings for the 52 pairs of Earrings a Year Challenge on Flickr. These two will catch me up. Both are made with polymer clay and wire. The flowers and faux glass pieces are polymer clay.
close up of ‘glass’. The frosted look makes these look less transparent, but I’m still happy with the translucency. This photo, and the one above were taken with the ‘Little Big shot’ attachment lens.
These earrings were shot with just the regular macro setting on my Sony Camera This was as close as possible and not quite clear or crisp enough. The attachment really makes the subject look clearer which is hard to do with only a 3.3 megapixel camera. My Sony is 12 years old.  I figure I should still be able to get a few more years out of it and fills my need.
Am also preparing to make more heart pendants. They aren’t just for Valentines. Also shot with the lens attachment. The heart was done with my Batik and Shimmer technique. Thumbs up
The Macro Little Big Shot is worth having and comes in different sizes to fit your camera or even Smartphone. Visit the Blog, lots of info on a page with easy to understand You Tube videos. I’m so happy I have this little gizmo.  I think you will be too. The small price of $19.99 even includes shipping and a great carry case with clip. Sun


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

~*Good Morning Tina! These are beautiful!*~

Unknown said...

Lovely photos :)
I also have a Little Big Shot lens and I love it!
My camera has 8mp and a good macro, so I don't need the LBS lens for my jewellery photography but I love it for getting plant shots etc. I'm not doing much outside in this weather but I know it will get used when it warms up.

Lupe Meter said...

These new earrings are awesome...I just can't believe how close it looks to real sea glass, amazing! Love the new camera shots, Tina! Impressive!

Vanessa said...

Another pair of gorgeous earrings Tina! I really like the mismatched shapes of the faux beach glass.

Danette said...

Lovely earrings Tina...the beach glass technique is awesome and really unique!!

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