Oct 12, 2011

Autumn Fire Cabochons

With the end of a very busy and routine summer, the fiery colours of the Autumn foliage and freshly fallen leaves have renewed my creative energy. These pictures are free wallpaper downloads and pretty much the colours that are showing up here now.
I had posted on Facebook a few of my Fire cabs and asked what colours were favourites right now. Fiery Orange, deep burnt orange, gold, red, chocolate were resounding answers and added to this mix was a gold, purple and turquoise. I used some of these colour combos for some polymer clay cabochons which I covered with resin and will be using for bead embroidery, but I did finish one…and another is almost finished.
Here are some of the cabochons. I’m contemplating listing some of these on Etsy and ArtFire for others who’d like to use them as additions for their own creative use.
I used Japanese Mijuki beads for the embroidery and added smoky quartz and turquoise. The pendant has a couple of watch gears stitched on the bail for an extra interest. This set is spoken for and already in the mail…

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MÂȘ Reyes said...

Es una maravilla. Besos

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