May 13, 2011

New polymer clay and fresh start

I love these new colours for Premo and Premo Accents. I don’t have all of them, but really like the Wasabi, and Bright Green Pearl, Magenta, Purple, Peacock and 18KT Gold. The new packaging for Premo looks pretty spiffy too.
So I have a few new colours and my workspace was too cluttered and if my workspace gets too cluttered, I can't concentrate. If it is too clean, I loose my muse, so where is the balance?
Looks like I already started work again, lol…doesn’t take long for my desk to get messy Smile.  I need a better place for magazines. Right now I keep them in drawers underneath the bed. A lot of stuff in a little place.
Now I can get back to work…
How do you deal with a small space??


Roberta Warshaw said...

Ah yes, the Merrill boxes! Looks familiar. I too have a small space. I like how you have your pliers stored.

My studio is about 10 x 10. All my art work, jewelry stuff, tools, and my exercise bike!

Lupe Meter said...

You do quite well for having small quarters...quite organized. You were talking about organizing and that is what I am doing too! I haven't tried the new colors yet. Too late to order any...temp is up close to 100 now. So, I will have to wait till they stock the stores with all the colors. Thanks for sharing!

Beadcomber said...

Yes Roberta, the Merrill boxes, I get re-use them and pick them up from the local shoe store. They are extremely sturdy and like the flip-top lid.

Lupe, I have so many boxes of stuff that could use some organizational skill, lol. At least I know where 'most' stuff is.

Mª Reyes said...

Al menos tienes un espacio propio, yo uso la cocina y he de recoger las cosas continuamente. Besos

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

~*Good Morning Tina!
Lovely tour!!!
Your work and storage space is really awesome!

Thank you for sharing the new colors of Premo! I've not yet seen them!*~

Anonymous said...

Man I would kill for a space that big.I have a corner in the dinner room and it is a small room any way. It has been expanding to a now maybe a 7x7 foot area. It is slowly becoming a room as the crates are blocking that area off.
Sadly I am reaching my limit of space, beyond this no one will be able to use the doors

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