Jan 28, 2011

How to wrap a wire loop

Making jewelry and pendants from your polymer clay will often require a little wire work, so here is a mini tutorial on how to make a secure wire loop.

Step 1:  Use the tip of round-nose pliers to grasp the wire right above the bead. Form a 90° bend in the wire.

 Step 2: Grasp the wire at the bend with your round-nose pliers and pull the tail wire over the top of the pliers' jaws.Here the top jaw of the pliers is in the loop.
 Step 3: Change the position of the pliers so the bottom jaw is in the loop.

Step 4: Swing and bend the tail wire around the loop.

Step 5 : Keep the tail wire horizontal as you coil it tightly down the neck wire.

Step 6: Crasp the loop with flat nose pliers and tuck the end wire in as much as possible.

Step 7: And trim with flush or side cutters.
 Done...except now I need another one for some earrings!

1 comment:

Noviel said...

Great tutorial! I was just thinking this week I needed to learn how to do this, I didn't expect to stumble upon it here! And to think, I was just going to wing it. I love the look of the wire wrapped instead of just looped, plus it's more secure. Thanks, Tina!

Erin* "Noviel"
Elven Star Clayworks

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