Nov 2, 2010

Polymer Clay E-Book - Striped Crackle Beads and Pendants - Tutorial

Shameless self-promotion, but what better way to announce that I have another polymer clay tutorial finished. So I am blogging about it here.
I tried counting the number of tutorials I have written (including a few beadwork and wire tutorials), but am having a hard time counting. I think this one will be the 33rd.
What is this latest tutorial about?
Striped Crackle Beads and Pendant. Essentially it is a 2 in 1 tutorial that is broken down into several parts. Learn in detailed guided step by step to make flat round beads with inclusions and a crackled banding and how to achieve fingerprint-less surfaces (found out that google doesn't like the word 'fr-ee' and wouldn't let me post that in my description, lol).
The bonus with this tutorial is to create a slight variation of a matching pendant that has accents and embellishment of swarovski crystal. You will also learn my method on inserting stones without the use of glue.

The tutorial has 51 photographs, 45 steps, and 17 pages. It's in my ArtFire Shop.


Hez said...

I love your tutorials Tina. They're so easy to understand. This looks like another great one :)

Beadcomber said...

Thanks Hez, yes, I write my tutorials with the intent so that any level of clayer should be able to complete. While some would consider this an advanced tutorial, I shoot enough photos for every step for even a beginner to see what is happening. I definitely don't scimp on instructions, lol.

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