Oct 1, 2010

Japanese Polymer Clay Tile Tutorial is finished

I had a few requests for this polymer clay tutorial and am pleased to say that it is finally published.
This lesson shows you how to create unique polymer clay tiles with an offset and layered Japanese text. The layer is achieved with both metallics and ink and finally resin for an added, but optional dimensionality. Use these tiles for jewelry such as bracelets, earrings or pendants, however, you could create larger tiles for journal covers, boxes, or sheeted around tea lights, bottles of hope or anything else you can think of.

 The step by step tutorial is 18 pages long,  consists of 48 steps and had 55 detailed photographs to guide  you from start to finish. You can find it in my ArtFire

Happy Friday!!

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clay tiles said...

I loved reading about your adventure in clay Thanks for sharing!

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