Jun 9, 2010

Baubles and Polymer Clay - revisiting past times

I was digging through my photo archives I found these cats pins from 2000. They were probably the most 'cutesy' thing I've done, lol.

Or how about some Lizards, Fish, Starfish from 2001. The top two have images behind the bauble, the bottom two have texture.

Some of these turtles have images, drawings and others have canes.
And then there are Angels, and Mythical...I used to sell those in little leather bags, but I incorporated them as vessel tops also...

These bauble pendants gave rise to my 'Aquarium pendants', photographic images behind glass and movable objects between the glass and photo, to give the piece 'movement'. Of course they weren't made with glass baubles as I needed something a bit larger. I had tried the larger glass baubles, but they often have flaws and the backs of them aren't perfectly smooth.

I should re-visit the good olde days more often, lol.


Chris said...

Those are really cute! My favorites are the turtles. They would fit right in with your sea urchins and star fish. :)

Anonymous said...

Tina, your turtles are so cute. Love your baubles! I really like your angels...gotta get me some those images. I am glad I got you thinking about the past. Thanks for mentioning my blog. =)

2 Good Claymates said...

I like your baubles -- the cats are quite cute!

I was first introduced to polymer clay at a bead show in Langley where I met some people at the Island clay guild. I remember seeing your Aquarium pendants there and was totally blown away by them. I was always wondering who that person was that made those! Now I know! (I kind of thought so but --- lol)

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