Dec 1, 2009

Polymer Clay Pins and Brooches

I finally finished some of the Polymer Clay Mokume Gane pieces from the Julie Picarello workshop last month. There seems to be some fog in the photo toward the back. When I looked at the lens it was all steamed was cold outside. Next time I need to acclimatize the camera first, lol.
Yes, I sanded, but didn't buff them too much, just a few quick rubs on my jeans.


Linda Gross said...

These are lovely Tina - Julie will be so proud to hear you broke out the sanding paper . . . . LOL!

Anonymous said...

je suis trés admirative de vos créations quelle chance vous avez d'avoir pu participer à un stage avec Julie Picarello que j'admire .
amitiés de france

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