Aug 6, 2009

Imitative Beach Pebble Tutorial - Part 1

I'm pleased to announce that I can finally offer you a tutorial for imitative beach pebbles. With only a few colours and tools you'll be able to create a range of beach pebbles that'll fool the naked eye. The only deception is their light weight. Inspired by real beach pebbles, in this lesson you'll recreate veins, textures and ocean tumbled forms. Create stones of any size or shape, and then drill them with ease. Part 1 will show you how to create 4 types of basalt rocks, 2 with 2 techniques of achieving quartz veins (one slightly cracked, one banded). One black basalt rock with different shading, cracks/marks that enhances realism and one with a quartz inclusion. Lastly some red Jasper with inclusions and some tips and tricks to make your pebbles stand out.
Pasta machines for this project are entirely optional.

This tutorial is packed with 63 photographs, 22 pages, and 55 steps of instructions. Available on Artfire.

Part 2 and 3 coming soon...

Which one or ones are the fakes??


Vanessa said...

Tina! This tutorial looks wondeful I can't tell the real from the faux. yipeeee and well done.

Azure Accessories said...

These are great Tina...I actually don't know but I'll guess, but you have to tell me the top photo the one on the right is real and in the bottom the one on the one of the left is real???


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