Jul 8, 2009

Layered Polymer Clay Discs

Oh my, how time flies. Wednesday already! Had a friend visiting for a couple of days that we tried to cram with as much Polymer Clay as possible. There was a lot of 'lets try this! or that!' but we didn't get as much done as we'd hoped for. Some of it was work...namely 'sanding', but we took some breaks with beach and forest walks to clear our heads or give our shoulders and hands a rest. Beach and sand and sanded fingertips...mm...The weather wasn't too great, a bit drizzly and wet, but this is a Rainforest, what can I say, misty facials, lol.

Our heads are crammed full with ideas! It was inspiring to chat in person about various techniques. While Vanessa has left for home, my work isn't done. I still need to finish the box that I started and create a few more molds and stencils. Some of the stencils I made didn't work out...photoEZ has a limited shelf life when undeveloped.

We actually got something done and finished! - Layered polymer clay disc necklaces similar to Bettina Welker's necklace in PolymerCafe ( Summer 2007). Instead of magnetic closures we used a beaded loop-over-button method. We chose a mokume gane technique instead of texture. While the concept of the layered disc necklace is appealing to me, the flipping and layering of the beads at random when the necklace is picked up and laid back down again, is not. It would be a problem when trying to sell such a necklace in person, it would require constant fussing with the beads to stack up properly again. I thought that adding size 6 czech seedbeeds between the disc beads would help prevent the problem, it didn't, but it gives the back of the necklace a tidier finish and also lengthened it a bit, necessary for my larger size. I think this necklace will be a 'keeper', that is, I will wear it. I'm going to play a bit more with the concept and am sure I can come up with a way to keep the beads stacked.

The dark blue necklace is Vanessa's, the azure blue is mine. Aren't they lovely?


Vanessa said...


Thanks for the all the fun. My brain is still recovering from information over load!


Wanda said...

Looks like you both had alot of fun!

Azure Accessories said...

It is nice to work and experiment with a friend, sounds as though you both enjoyed yourselves.

I didn't know the west coast or at least part of the west coast is classified as a Rainforest??? Or is that just your way to accept all the rain and drizzle??? :0)

I really like the pendant for the Bettina Welker necklace and earrings...gorgeous!!!

Beadcomber said...

Yes, the West Coast here in Clayoquot Sound where I live is classified as Temperate Rainforest. http://www.focs.ca/logging/amazingforestfacts.asp
Annual precipitation here is at least 2 meters or 80 inches).
In January 2000 Clayoquot Sound became designated as the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organisation) Biosphere Reserve. Biosphere Reserves are in essence global laboratories for sustainable development.

PolymerClayTutor said...

Beautiful necklaces Tina! Looks like you two had fun together.

I would love to see the back of the necklaces. I can guess how they were strung together, but I haven't seen the article so I don't know for sure how they are made.

You do have my mind working away trying to figure out how to string disks that would stay flat and straight without a visible hole in the front with the rivot, like Louise Cozzi Fischer's necklaces do. Sounds like a challenge that would be fun to figure out!

~Cindy Lietz

Nadia Her said...

Magnifique travail!!!quel talent!

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