Feb 26, 2009

Coming Soon....Polymer Clay bracelet sizer tutorial

I did a workshop with these at the recent Horizons Polymer Clay Retreat in Vancouver. It was a fast 'Bam Bam' workshop quite late in the day, so hopefully my students walked away with some interesting info! I think these will be Bam Bam's because they are quick to make too!

First I showed the PhotoEZ stencil process, how to develop and screen them on polymer clay. Then I explained how to make the bracelet size 'specific'. I heard some oooh's and aaah's when that was revealed with my little 'Bam Bam Gizmo', lol. Perhaps you too have struggled with sizing, that when your wrist measures 7" and you use large beads, that your bracelet actually has to be much larger than the 7", or it won't fit....or you made some and they ended up being to small. I invented a sizer that is multi functional unlike the cone shaped sizer on the market. I've been using it ever since, even for beadwork. I'll be writing instructions sometime this coming next week. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime....would you be interested in a tutorial with sizer/kit?...?


Vanessa said...

Hi Tina!

Your idea with a bracelet sizing gizmo sounds terrific.


Unknown said...

I would love to learn about your sizing gizmo also!
The bracelets are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in the bam bam sizer shazam :D

Anonymous said...

That would be a resounding BAM BAM!

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