Dec 8, 2008

Bazaar, Art Fest and Polymer Clay result

Polymer Clay not glitzy enough? Notes to myself...add some 'bling' to it in future. All my beadwork now is pearls and some sparkle. The crowds were definitely drawn to that first.
Well, the community got together for a great weekend!
First it was St.Francis of Assisi's Annual Christmas Bazaar, then our Winter Celebration Art Fest. The Church raised a fabulous $18,000 for Charity with an amazing $6000 on baked goods alone! As usual we made our bids in the auctions and ended up with a whole bunch of goodies, including the coveted 'Basket', filled with donated goods from the local business community. Will be a fun thing to open at Christmas.
In their basement sale of the Bazaar I made some great finds too, a beautiful scalloped amber glass bowl, an amber and red glass dish, two awesome odd sized column candleholders and 13 antique silver spoons. The spoons lay on a platter that read .10cents. I thought maybe the platter was .10. I asked one of the Sisters running the show if the spoons were really .10cents or the platter and she sighed: "not the platter and no-o....." (ok, I thought, I bet they will be more like $3 or $5 a piece..??) when she says:"I guess they could be 5 cents a piece." I laughed:"no, no, NO! I'm definitely going to pay the 10 cents!" A big sweet smile on her face lit up so bright. You can bet I left a tip too! Some of these spoons are actually antique butterknifes and another one I will take a picture of because I have no idea what kind of tool that was. No idea what I'll do with those yet.
Anyway....I utilized the glass dish right away for my polymer clay bangles and the columns for my small black busts....I don't know if you can see them in the pics.
My "Elizabeth I-Inspired" line was well-received with the twenty-somethings...those drops look great with cleavage or even a turtleneck (see on necklace on red bust above with earrings and just below here).

My Bling Rings, some 'steampunk' style, some chunky sized disappeared just as quickly.

My polymer clay stuff did alright, but women are definitely attracted to my glitzier stuff, especially this time of year.
Are you having as much fun this time of year as I? All your shopping done?...I have and am glad...decorating time today!

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Anonymous said...

You have a great style Tina! Really like the drop necklace and the steampunk ring is really cool!

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