May 13, 2008

New Clay to play with

...but no pictures to show...yet!
Received a wonderful sample pack of Kato Polyclay from VanAken. I was a little skeptical when I opened one of the packs. Some other clay product I had been working with as off late was too gooey and some of my older Kato clay was too hard and a bit crumbly, although I prefer this feature as I can always mix in a bit of softener instead of wasting perfectly good paper to leach it with.
I took a sniff as I was warned the odour might be a bit strong. Maybe right out of the pack it is strongest, but not so noticeable once it has a chance to 'breathe' a bit. I'm quite sensitive to certain odours and fragrances, but usually the perfumed kind. Wipe the floor with Swiffer and watch me complain of headaches and sore throat or Febreeze the air and watch me get dizzy and disoriented. I can't hack 'perfumes' and suffer the consequences thereof for days. I haven't reacted to this new formula by VanAken (and hadn't to the old either). The new reformulated 'greener' clay is a BREEZE to work with. I love the thought of Phthalate FREE! Right out of the pack, I take of a couple of slices and am able to crank it through the pastamachine without any crumbling or rough cracking edges.....Awesome! Taking a bit of clay and rolling it into a and very even. Rolling one end to a tip, no breakage and the finest pointed tip reminding me of the days back when I first started working with Fimo. Fimo used to give me that nice 'tipped end', but no longer. Instead Kato clay has given me some hope that a formula can be 'purrfect' cause I'm purring, lol. Next I'll have to make a project and see how it turns out. I promise...I'll post some pics soon.

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Anonymous said...

That is exciting Tina! I have been thinking of ordering some Kato Clay to try, especially with the new formulation! Having a little trouble getting used to the new Premo! How is the Kato for caning? Is it firm enough?

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