Oct 7, 2012

Thanksgiving and my Home Studio Tour

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks! Tomorrow, Monday, will be a busy day making Turkey and spending time with family, although it seems a few don’t keep the traditional holiday and celebrate the day before. I’m so fortunate that my husband is a great cook and always makes the big dinners including PIE! Although my cooking isn’t shabby, I prefer doing the dishes, lol.
Welcome to my Studio!
If you ever wondered what it looks like from the outside, here it is, complete with homesteaders rusting stove and tools hanging on the outside. This really is a converted Garden Shed that once held all of my husbands sport fishing gear. Then he fixed it up for me because he couldn’t ‘stand‘ looking at my corner in the dining room anymore. I admit I don’t like a mess either, but it was impossible to keep it tidy during busy times and when in ‘creative mode’. I was so glad to have our dining area back again too.
Instead of Spring cleaning I tend to do this in Fall since I’m already too busy in Spring to supply Shops, Galleries and Boutiques, so I finally gave my Studio a much needed tune-up. It’s just amazing how many bits, scraps, failed experiments, papers and odds ‘n ends can accumulate over a couple of seasons. I spent a week doing this, but had other personal things to deal with, so it took a bit longer than I anticipated.
Wanna see the before and after? You might want to close your eyes for the first photo…OMG!
1-Recently Updated27
This is the view just inside the door. Quite small, but I can make it work with plenty of drawers and even a little loft (where we store Christmas things, extra blankets, some of our girls toys as well as displays, my canvases). I love my view out the window…Forest of Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Yew, and Alder as well as Blackberry, Huckleberry, Salalberry, and tall ferns. We picked all the berries we could and they were ample this year! I digress…don’t you love my zebra blanket?
1-Recently Updated31
This is the view looking the other way, out that little door which doesn’t hang so straight anymore. In a few years this needs to be all torn down and rebuilt, ack. Anyway, to the right is my mannequin, photo station and printer. To the left my photo developing and some beading supplies.
2-Recently Updated28
There is a comfy place on a soft plush zebra blanket should I have some company dropping by for a real-time visit. Above are my journals and some novels in case I want to scribble, listen to music, or read about something other than creating (If you squint you can see Star Trek, lol). No, the pillow doesn’t hold up the shelf, ha, but is out of the way until it’s needed.
Across from the couch is my Polymer Clay work desk. Above that is a shelf that has built-in long daylight bulbs underneath. The shelf holds some of my PC art as well as that of others, an acrylic tower holding stone cabochons and the right little wood cupboard holds all my mica powders and such. On my desk a tray converted into shelves to hold inks. I like having some, most often used things on hand and easy view. To the left of this desk is another just like it, for my bead and assembly, computer work, to watch movies/listen to music/skype chat while I create(sometimes all at once!). All my drawers are now organized. One holds textures, a second has things to cover, yet another holds cutters and moulds, one for wire work, one with findings, one with gemstones and beads etc.
2-Recently Updated30
My Pasta Machine needed a feeding tray, for those nice long sheets of clay that require 4 hands, so I made one out of matte board. Works great! Beside the machine you can also see some of my cups holding needle tools, brushes and such.
Between the couch and window I converted an old file cabinet to hold my motorized pasta machine. I didn’t have a place for it before and would have to haul it out every time and find a plug in on the other wall that is already maxed out. So this side was the right solution and it’s right behind me. All I need to do is swivel my chair around, no need to get up, lol. Converted cassette tape boxes hold my clay, the nice tin holds open packages of clay. Above it is my UV oven for photopolymers as well as resin. I also place regular resin pieces in there as they are protected from dust accumulating on them while curing. My ovens are right outside the window…nice ventilation (grin).
That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my place. I’ll endeavour to keep it tidy-er over Winter. I even have a little heater to keep myself warm…but until then…the inside of the house is next!! ack…not looking forward looking into my closet!


Vanessa said...

Hi Tina! I hope this isn't a duplicate comment as my first one didn't seem to work. I have been in your home studio a few times and its always cozy and inspiring. It looks like your space is more functional now. Thanks for the mat board tip with the pasta machine I think I have some mat board to try that with.

Elaine said...

Thanks for the peek into your studio Tina! Always cool to see what other clayers are doing for their work spaces.

And as a Canuck: Happy Thanksgiving!

KatersAcres said...

Awesome studio! I LOVED seeing it!

Sarah Pennington @ Hip Earth Designs said...

I'm bookmarking this post so I can show my husband pictures of your desk so he know EXACTLY what to build! I love all the shelves above, the small, skinny shelves at the back of your desk and the daylight bulbs on the first large shelf. Just awesome - I have workspace envy! LOL

Unknown said...

Hi, Tina. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing. I noticed
that you have your ovens outside. How do you protect them
from the weather? I carry mine in and out and it's a big pain,
plus my baking area isn't completely protected. I've been
staring at the window and wondering...

Rainhouse Studio

Beadcomber said...

Hi Melody,
thanks for following my blog :). The oven is outside permanently, although I could bring it inside after curing things. My husband built me a shelf just outside the window and there is an awning over the whole window. Quite often it rains very hard and along with wind will drive some rain onto it. Must be quite the energy draw now with winter AND wind and will only use if absolutely necessary, but based on the thermometer it keeps steady. Now that my hubby isn't working inside his shop I can move it there during winter and hopefully keep hydro consumption down.

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