Mar 31, 2009

Inspiring each other with polymer clay

In a strange coincidence, two artist inspired each other with their polymer clay work. One is in France, the other in Canada. I was totally surprised to discover that I was blogged about today. I just left a comment for the person that inspired me when I saw that I too had inspired her. Too funny :), but in a wonderful way.

This is the necklace that was inspired by French polymer clay artist Roudfra of au fil des pates . I was inspired by the shapes of the uneven beads that are more pebble like. She in turn was inspired by my imitative ceramic. haha...this is great!
This one is obvious...I used some photoEz stencil for the swirl earring. I thought a nice little match for the necklace.

I can't remember what I did to these flowers, lol or what I used to get the effect on the leaves of the polymer clay. Should have written it down.

1 comment:

fran├žoise said...

Hello Tina
Really funny and I love it too
Nice work !
I'm fan of your flowers

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