Feb 2, 2008

A new twist

A new twist to my work. I'm finding my polymer clay work is evolving along a different style from usual, and these past few weeks have been very fruitful and I've got much accomplished that I wanted to. I've been 'combining' my old and 'layering' with some new and with each successive piece my muse tells me to try 'this' or 'that'. It's kind of funny, really, how I sort of zone out when I work and I almost get angry when the phone rings at a 'critical' moment because POOF!! what was I going to do next??! Listening to some alternative music has been great. Amy Winehouse soulful retro vintage style has me thinking 60's. My husband and working partner commented on these pieces that they are 'chunky' for me because I usually work in much smaller style.
I'll be adding bolder colours next and large florals and patterns....is that 60's or 70's? I was born in the 60's so should remember, lol.
The large 65mm (2 1/2") round pendant with the flower has a cut-out where I incorporated a hammered wire swirl. It also has Swarovski Crystals. Back in 1989 I used a lot of rhinestones in my work, so still have a nice stash to use once again.
I also have an idea in my head for some new bracelets using my wire cut-outs....stay tuned ;)


Virginie Dufour ... fimodevivi@gmail.com said...

hi Tina !!!
thank you for your comment on my blog !!
then I come to see you on your's !!!
I see beautifull things here ... I love that !!!
I'll come back !!

Anonymous said...

These pieces are gorgeous, and different from anything I've seen anywhere else. Love the patina, it makes me think of old leather. Love the shapes too. Love these!!!

Beadcomber said...

Hi debbie! my exact sentiment,'old leather'. Too bad they don't smell like it, lol. I'm looking forward to trying different colours next.

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