Mar 29, 2009

Green, purple and a bit of black

The title sounds like bruises, doesn't it? Well, my arms and fingers feel a bit bruised after wrestling with different gauges of wire. Yep, I've been mixing media again. First I was using bits of wire for my polymer clay flower chain (see below). This involved hammering some jumprings with a ball pein. Then the idea of making some big rings got in the way. Then the green stones led to the creation of a cane for the green bangle (and matching necklace and earrings) and now I'm back to purple pansies. And how was your weekend...? Tomorrow is Monday and I'm back to writing (shhh...another tutorial in the works)


Vanessa said...

Wow Tina! Your new designs are wonderful. Love the big bold rings and the amazing detai in the pendant. woweee

Anonymous said... glad you are working on a tutorial.....any hints to what it is??!!!! (for us kids who open Christmas presents before Christmas??!!)


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Very cool big rings Tina! You do very nice wire work. So smooth and even with lots of detail. Lovely!

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