Jul 19, 2012

Summer blog hops, birthdays and gifts

While many are wishing for some rain and cooler weather, our summer has been unseasonably cool and when the sun does come out it gets foggy and you guessed it …even cooler! Just on the other side Vancouver Islanders have been enjoying some Hawaiian Winter temperatures. Well, maybe next month we get some here…I can only hope.

Not that it really matters. I’m having to work and so it’s been difficult to maintain my blog. Even the 52 Earrings a Year, while I’m making many earrings right now, I haven’t had much time photographing anything before it’s packed in a box and being sent away. I have to try and pause a little to photograph more! Over the last couple of days I made 160 polymer clay starfish, sand dollars and scallop shell Earrings, 40 pairs of gemstone earrings and taking a breather to write this, lol.  So how do I make myself have some fun? It can’t be all work and no play right? Yay! Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog hop…I received my beads from my partner Stefanie Teufel in Germany who hopefully will soon receive the beads I sent her. Come on Canada Post! Hurry up!! Here is the Bead Soup Stefanie sent me, including some of my fave real fruity gummy bears and Fine Dark and Peppery Chocolate. Imagine, pink pepper!! Surprisingly decadent! Among the copper chain, heart and clasp are some Turquoise and Jade disc beads, Agate, some lampwork, Indian Clay beads and a crochet bead.6-DSC07619

Wonder what I’ll be making…but here is also a second set that might make a cute charm. I like the filigree button. We’re supposed to create something with at least the focal and clasp…so stay tuned for the reveal date…August 11th.


My Father in law was visiting for a few days. We helped him celebrate his 83rd birthday  and I made him this pen holder which he was quite happy about. Here he is with my daughter and a yummy chocolate cake my husband made. I may be crafty, but I suck at making cake, lol.


The penholder made with my Orinendo Technique, in case you are curious about it. This one I made a sort of turquoise green mix. I actually made this whole thing in a hurry because my husband decided that maybe we should have some gifts along with that cake. I had about 2 hours to come up with something before he would arrive in town. I got it done just in time. To cool it faster I plopped it into a bucket of cold water…


So much more to tell you about…but it’s early morning and I better go to bed, haha. Stay tuned for more soon. I promise I won’t let this blog hang another 2 weeks…


Cara Jane said...

Wow that's an awesome present! And in 2 hours! Gotta love polymer clay! That's a great technique.

Eva Mari said...

Really love that present! And we are all in need of ideas as to what to give the men in our lives, right? So my question is: where did you get the box blank?

Best regards from Eva Mari

Beadcomber said...

Thanks Cara Jane!

Eva Marie, the box blank, I found it at someones moving sale (came with the pen). The person that I bought it from used to have a shop where they sold Souvenir gifts like that (for a lot more $$). I got this item at a bargain along with some other 'Canadiana' things I can cover. He only had the one pen with holder tho. Shucks! I would have love more too.

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