Sep 7, 2010

Polymer clay in Imitative Ivory

Ancient carved tiles and cabochons anyone? Well, I made these from Polymer clay in an Imitative Ivory technique. I'm currently making molds for these as well as have put up a few of them on my Etsy shop.
Oh and am working on a couple of tutorials for something like this. Am hoping to get a free video up too and don't know when or how soon as my larygytis goes's been a long lasting bugger.


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! Glad to hear you will be putting molds from these lovelies up on your Etsy shop...on my wish list now. Oh, would it be ok to include some info from your dealings with Polymerclayland just in case some of our guild members didn't hear about it, and for people to be watchful for these blog post hijackers in the future? You spent a lot of your time dealing with them. Glad you are back to working on some new creations.

Marlene Brady said...

I posted a thank you to you on my blog today, but wanted to say thank you here too. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to get this resolved. Your links helped me file my report to Google, etc. I am now watermarking my photos, copyrighted my blog, have Stat Counter to track downloads and Copyscape to track copying and plagerism. Thanks Tina. Oh, and I love the faux carved ivory. My favorite!

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