Jan 12, 2009

Time flies!

Can't believe it's almost mid month of a new year!
Had my polymer clay and supplies stashed away over the holidays and only a few unfinished bits and pieces on my desk.
Here I thought I had plenty of time to rest up...well, what I call rest is working on 'designs' for another season, haha, but with the economy slow-down felt that there was no rush on actually 'producing' anything. Well, seems I was wrong! Better get my polymer clay back out! Due to belt-tightening and constraint on spending, Arts and Crafts, especially locally, are becoming more desirable than ever than that Drugstore perfume or panini grill.

Time flies and Valentines Day will be soon upon us! ....gotta make more hearts!!


Anonymous said...

These hearts are gorgeous!! Looking forward to seeing the new ones you are creating (did you catch that hint!!)


Anonymous said...

That is what I like to hear about this economy Tina! I've noticed it too. In the depression times there was a huge surge in the arts and crafts field because people started turning to their other skills. With more good quality handmade goods available people chose them to purchase over the commercial goods, like what is happening to you right now. It is nice to see at least one good thing 1s coming out of this chaos!

Great looking hearts BTW! Hope they fly out the door to loving homes!

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